Wednesday, July 11, 2007

~ remove the stye in your own eye ~

At the risk of sounding vain, my eyes are quite possibly my best feature. Seriously, the Lord did pick me out a lovely pair of hazel eyes which, though they tend to change color like a chameleon, tend toward a teal hue.

Another of my endearing qualities (and the list is endless), is my ability to cry at the slightest thing. Like at Bible study Sunday evening, which is where I believe the source of my trouble began - all this crying and rubbing of the eyes. I declare, crying is for the birds.

My eye was tender when I was driving home Sunday night, so I rinsed it out with water just in case there were any foreign objects present and put myself to bed. I woke up with a swolen, red eyelid that had more rolls than my stomach! Though I had never had one before, I knew it was a stye.

Naturally, I googled "stye treatment" to find out what to do, and I am now
passing on my experiential knowledge of what worked best. This picture is from yesterday (after two days of treatment - you should have seen the original manifestation), and today I am almost cured.

The most recommended treatment was a warm compress. After using a washrag the first day, I decided to try some advice on using a warm tea bag. Apparently any tea bag will do, but I personally enjoyed my choice of Tazo "Calm" Blend. The scent provided wonderful aromatherapy, and the peppermint served as a cooling agent.

My second favorite suggestion was the use of Johnson's Baby Shampoo for washing the sensitive eye area - the first morning you wake up with eye crusties you will understand how essential this product is! Finally, though few of the sites I consulted even mentioned the need, I found that lubricating eye drops helped to ease the discomfort while waiting for the stye to heal itself.

I am hoping my eye will be back to normal by tomorrow, and I can go back to flashing what my momma gave me (as featured here in my MySpace photo shoot)...


your favorite austrian said...

okay ... so how do you get foreign objects into your eye while crying?

you should have asked me for advice - i would have told you to use chamomille tea to wash it out and as a compress.

hope your pretty eye feels better!

Angelica said...

Oh yes! Johnson baby shampoo works well for eye crusties. Came across something similar on Johnson baby shampoo at