Friday, June 29, 2007

well, excuse me...

...but I think you've got my chair.

Whether it's a pew or a barstool, controversy abounds in the Church... especially when you get the Baptists involved! I was already planning to visit Journey while I'm up in St Louis for my cousin's wedding and the CCDA conference (Shane Claiborne is scheduled to be there), so I may have to catch a night at the Bottleworks just for the hell of it. As Angelika can tell you (scroll down to 6/20/06), the bohemian is herself not opposed to combining beer and the Bible. I like beer. I like the Bible. And to keep the two eternally seperated would be, for me, hypocrisy.

No, that ones not taken
I don't mind if you sit here
I'll be glad to share
~ George Strait

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Ramón said...

This is so roommate senior year in college was part of the core group that "planted" the Journey, and a good number of my friends still in the STL are members.

I know several of them go to that time at the Bottleworks. If you want to go with some cool people, I should be able to get you connected. Let me know...