Wednesday, June 20, 2007

~ all things together ~

Providence is a funny thing. Google is, as well.

While writing the previous blog post, I stumbled upon a lovely little blog I think I will very much enjoy,

From the links on that blog, I visited, also entertaining and inspiring. In fact, I was so taken in by this particular blog that it took me quite some time before I realized it belongs to the beautiful and talented Sarah Masen and her husband.

In a final twist of fate, Sarah and David's blog led me to, that being the Peter Case referenced in the post below, whose music I very much enjoy (I even included one of his songs on my Christmas Compilation CD last year ~ if you did not receive a copy, just ask me and I will make sure you receive one by Advent).

We'll be taking off our clothes to sing
We'll be wearing our own skin
We'll be taking off a whole lot more
Just so we can sing
Hope is coming out tonight
Knocking at the door
You've got to let that stranger in
Looking at your soul

~ Sarah Masen

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Carrie said...

How fun! You are the first person to "stumble" upon my blog! Great to meet you. I am enjoying your site as well and will add you to my blogroll!