Thursday, May 24, 2007

~ riverfest ~

*This was originally an email to a few friends. I am reposting here to encourage more of my reading public to attend (although I'm not sure Riverfront Park can handle the hordes of readers...)*

We are approaching one of my favorite times of year in Arkansas...
Riverfest! Dating back to the $1 Gazette buttons, Riverfest is what Memorial Day Weekend is all about (oh, and remembering folks... I think...). For the most part, I take my blanket and live down at the river for hours upon hours each day. Usually, I end up rotating through groups of friends (because I am the only dork who can spend hours upon hours at the festival and not get bored). I am of the opinion that, while the musical lineup could never compare, Riverfest is a far superior festival to the Beale Street Music Festival because there is lots of green space and places to read, eat, nap, etc. (as opposed to one long stretch of mud and serious lack of crowd control). And Riverfest's past lineups haven't been too shabby, including the likes of John Prine, Nickel Creek, The (freakin') Violent Femmes, Steve Earle, Pat Green, Blues Traveler...

While I do try to remain flexible and go with the flow of the festivities, every year there are at least some artists I have to see. Now, for the record, this does not necessarily mean they are artists that you would have to see. While I am often accused of being a music snob, I have long maintained that I am quite fond of crappy artists for sentimental reasons. Riverfest has been brought in some really great music in the past, and they've brought in some really cheesey music that I love equally well. In addition to these highlights below, there is always a host of great local bands… and don’t forget the people watching!


My friend Je
rusalem's husband plays in a band called The Frup (he has been with these guys since college), and they recently won the Daybreak Battle of the Bands competition. They will be opening Riverfest at 6:00pm at the Ampitheatre.

There is a scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High where Phoebe Cates is pointing out all of the girls in the school who look like Pat Benatar. Now, I was more of a Madonna-Wanna-Be, but Pat was feisty and always appealed to my more rebelious side (see:
Legend of Billie Jean). She is also one of my favorite artists to karaoke to, as I have no vocal range and she stays pretty level. Pat performs Friday night at 9:15pm at the Triple-S Stage on the Little Rock side of the river.


I heart Soul Asylum. I was planning to drive to Memphis to see them before I decided to go to the Nomads conference instead. I was rewarded with the gift that they are stopping off at Riverfest. This is comfort food, a security blanket, fond memories. And Dave Priner has been part of the goodness that is Golden Smog. 4:30pm, NLR Side.

Saturday night is a toss up for me. I know that
Keb Mo is supposed to be fabulous but, to be honest, I have never listened to him. And my other option is LL Cool J. I have a long and sordid history with LL Cool J, and I think I will end up choosing style over substance (LL Cool J - Saturday night @ 9:45pm - NLR Side). (*note* I was duly informed after I sent the original email that I can not possibly miss Keb Mo, and therefore have revised my position and will be choosing substance over style… actually I suppose I am choosing substance with style)


Sunday presents me with another conundrum. On one side of the river, you have the talented and entertaining Robert Randolph and the Family Band - quite an appropriate choice for a Sunday evening. On the alternate shore, you have the dynamic-lay-back-on-your-quilt-chill-and-sing-along-duo of Georgia Satellites and The Marshall Tucker Band. As I tend toward the lay-back-on-your-quilt-chill-and-sing-along options, I will most likely find myself at the Triple-S Stage on the Little Rock side Sunday starting at 6:30pm.
I will probably have one more post before the weekend since
Jerusalem tagged me to post “7 Weird Things About Myself” (yes, I know – how will I narrow it down to just 7?), and then I will be thoroughly enjoying my Memorial Day weekend sans computer. I hope you enjoy yours, as well (even if you are in Austria and it is not a holiday and you don’t get to attend Riverfest… just know that you are missed!)

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Angelika said...

i was talking to someone today, who told me that it was Memorial Day and my first thought was: "OH NO! I'm missing out on going to River Fest with Kim" ... I can't believe that it ahs been a year that I had my first ried twinkie ...