Tuesday, April 24, 2007

~ voice of the people ~

KABF makes me happy. And tomorrow night there is a benefit show at Sticky Fingerz for the bargain price of $5 (or $6, depending on which site you consult). Good times.

While most of my Saturday morning yard-sale driving is accompanied by NPR, there is nothing like starting out with a massive cup of coffee and Bharati Sangeet from 7-9am to shake my eyes open. The bluegrass shows on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons accent my drive home, especially when the weather is nice and I can have the windows down. I’m growing quite fond of the 30 minutes I am able to catch of Walk the Line on Friday afternoons. In fact, a few weeks ago those fellas paired Flogging Molly’s Factory Girls (featuring the lovely and talented Lucinda Williams) with, my personal favorite, Nanci Griffith’s cover of Techumsa Valley (written by the brilliant Townes Van Zandt) in a tribute to working women… they had me at hello. But the highlight of my musical week is always Not Necessarily Nashville on Fridays from 5:30-7pm. Flap’s laughter (crap… wrong cd… sorry about that, folks) signals the weekend has begun. Relax. Don’t take life so seriously.

KABF is “listener supported” radio, so brave the storms and come downtown Wednesday night to support a great cause… my personal happiness. Runaway Planet is one of the bands so fun is guaranteed. Show starts at 8pm… or 9pm… depending on what site you consult. And, of course, this being Sticky Fingerz, the show starts when it starts. Sure as shooting, I’ll probably see you there.

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Angelika said...

I seriously need to start saving up for a trip to LR!
Coffee, yard saling, Bahrati, ... miss ya!