Monday, March 19, 2007

stars of track and field we were...

terrycloth. izod. coordinating outfits. Its a wonder my sister and I didn't stage a formal revolt against my mother... but luckily for her we love her too much.

While my mom's influence on my musical tastes still has lasting influence (she made us listen to country music, and that late 70s/early 80s style is still my favorite; she waxed nostalgic on the 50's and 60's; and she introduced me to Steve Earle), my sister was definately my saving grace when it came to music appreciation.
I've always been fairly easy to please when it comes to music. When I was young, my interests primarily revolved around two women, Dolly & Madonna.

and I loved anything on MTV (or Friday Night Videos prior to that)... especially the Go-Gos and Scandal. We are the kids in America... indeed

After my parents divorced, my mom remarried and we moved to New Mexico to be near her family. The silver lining? A fabulous music scene and a sister four years older who soaked it up. And unlike her red version of the yellow track shorts I already owned, these hand-me-downs were eagerly received. I fell into REM on my own, but in fourth grade she had me listening to the Violent Femmes and falling in love with Morrissey (at that time still part of the Smiths). While the posters papering our walls were a bit frightening, I was developing a life-long love of music... especially music not everyone listened to... music you had to stay up late and catch the midnight show to hear... music you received from a copy of a copy of a tape your friend's older brother got from the ex-girlfriend of the band's road manager. Remember when you had to scotch tape the little black cassettes to tape over them? Good times. So, here's to New Wave/Punk and what it ushered in. You created a monster.

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Ramón said...

Yes! I still remember the first time I figured out you could put tape over the little holes on a tape to record over it. Awesome memory!