Wednesday, March 28, 2007

everything is concrete and barbed wire

I sense the Lord wants me to minister in Vancouver, British Columbia. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fabulous “Americana” music scene there… seriously… I promise… why would you even assume that?

I mean, look at my justifications… I mean, the facts (i.e. stuff I found on Wikipedia):
- population of 587,891 – with a metropolitan region spanning 2,180,737 (expected to reach 2.6 million by 2020)… that’s a lot of souls
- ethnically diverse population where more than half of the residents have a first language other than English
- over one-quarter of the population is Chinese, with several language groups represented
- many monocultural neighborhoods, such as the Punjabi Market, Little Italy, Greektown and Japantown
- other ethnic groups in area include South Asians (mostly Punjabis), Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean, Cambodian and Japanese.
- growing emphasis on co-housing to prevent urban sprawl
- concern is being expressed over a growing homeless population, exacerbated by conversion of single-room housing into rental properties for the 2010 Olympics.
- the city’s Downtown Eastside neighborhood is characterized by entrenched poverty, sex trade and drug markets

Unfortunately, Vancouver is a very expensive place to live. So, if you want to support my music addiction…. eh, hem… that is, my outreach… please send cash.

~Junkie Song~

Took a walk in my neighborhood
At two in the morning
By the skytrain station
The streets were full of junkies and homeless

And they all wanted something
They all wanted something

And what am I supposed to do?
There are too many of you
Too many of you
Give some change, look you in the eye

Say that I too am human, I could easily be you

Don’t we all hover between apathy and compassion?
Fill up all our days with so much distraction
Makes it easier to see what we don't want to
But we all live here

We all live here
We all live here don't we?


Ramonsito said...

I'm so there.

Kristen Alexander said...

hey kimberly! yeah i've got a blog. if you read it you will be one of about 3 readers. ha. well feel free to use my pics from last year...i only put a few online, but i have some more.

Angela said...

ahhhhh vancouver. i have such a crush on that little haven for liberal canadians/people. india and i were there last month, and the ocean! good glory, the ocean is in the middle of downtown. sigh. such a great city.