Tuesday, March 06, 2007

~ bring on spring ~

I am definately ready for spring cleaning... new growth... longer periods of light

I've finally been ready to write the last few weeks, and then I couldn't remember my damn login. Many thoughts were lost to their moments, and that frustrates me to no end. My mind has been preoccupied with so many other things the past few months, and it is in need of some serious release.

...your mental illnesses arrive at the desk like your sickest, most secretive relatives. And they pull up chairs in a semicircle around the computer, and they try to be quiet but you know they are there with their weird coppery breath, leering at you behind your back. (Anne Lamott ~ Bird by Bird)

Organization is becoming my muse. Every item I can get rid of seems to be space created for exploring new ideas. Every weight released opens up another corner of my imagination. Every dream surrendered to reality is a new platform from which to jump off. Concreteness and disillusionment mixed with eternal optimisim... this is my starting point.

Here's to the short Arkansas Spring, may it bring refreshment and usher in a bit of clarity.

Moonlight be a friend tonight, we're all wrecked up on these dreams. Holding on a bit too tight, I've got splinters from these moonbeams. If it seems I'm falling down, if it seems we're falling through, darling you know that is nothing... you know that is nothing new. (VOL)

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Ramón said...

Welcome back, my friend.