Monday, July 03, 2006

***Coming Attractions***

Life has been crazy ~ but I am approaching a two-week vacation, and plan to take advantage of writing time. Some of the things you get to look forward to reading:
  • Relationship Advice From the Pollock Brothers... or, How Not to Get Married
  • On Becoming a Sender (Learning to Live with Leaving)
  • Poverty is not a Family Value: a recap of the Sojourner's Pentecost 2006 Conference
  • (and in related news...) The Natural State of Poverty: a blog in waiting
  • On Sweet Potatoes and Shiner Bock... or, How to Value Friendships

Any other requests? I will also be working to update my links and maybe play around with revamping the site a little. Stay tuned in eager anticipation...


Angelika said...

where did you get the cute little flower things for your list???

when you are done "pimping your blog" PLEASE give me some advice on how to do it!

ohhhh ... can't wait for the non-dating advice blog entry! ohhh ... the picture that, hopefully will accompany that entry ...

and ... have fun with the girls next week

methy said...

I want to come visit so badly to see you and the girls while you are off... Sigh. Love ya girl.

Rob McBryde said...

I'd like to see a post on how to loose weight, add a six pack stomach to one's physique, all the while eating as many Krispy Kremes and Taco Mexico quesadillas as you want and savoring the occasional pint of Guiness or Bass Pale Ale. Oh yeah, and that should be with minimal exercise and plenty of naps! :)

jennie said...

Can't wait!

Kimberly said...

Rob ~
as you will note, I have removed the weight loss ticker from the top of my blog. I have no pearls of wisdom to pass on, my friend. It's damn hard work... damn hard. God speed and may the force be with you!