Tuesday, May 09, 2006

contemplation on salvation

Today I purchased a set of pink golf clubs and the new Jolie Holland CD. Tonight I will be joining Angelika and Meredith for the season finale of Gilmore Girls (our last one together before Angelika heads home to Austria and Meredith heads on to her missions training at ORU). My new apartment is painted and my roomies move in this week. Despite all of the frustrations at work right now, life is sweet. Track 6 on Miss Holland's album is not only a beautiful song, but also an honest look into the heart of someone struggling with the surrender to Christ (or at least that's the way I took it ~ I'm sure I'll research it later):

My sullen songs have taken me
Far down this darkened road
I have seen the campfires burning
I have heard the drunkards howl
I'm silent in my solitude - I'm quiet as a thief
I have stolen all these hours - I have gotten no relief
My crazy dreams and tragedies have taken me for a ride
But I can see strange glory on the other side
this has been my misery and the source of my pride
But all along I'm thinking I've been taken for a ride

Why don't you take me when I'm willing?

But like a stubborn beast when the barn is on fire
I might resist you when you try to save my life
I might resist you when you try to save my life
When the flames rise around us and I can't see the door
This is still my home and it has never burned before
This is where I've taken my solace and my peace
The walls are caving in but I am still a stubborn beast

Why don't you take me when I'm willing?

~ Jolie Holland
Stubborn Beast (album: Springtime Can Kill You)

I think Miss Holland should go chill with Mark Olson and Victoria Williams out in Joshua Tree for awhile and allow God to weave his love into her heart strings. They can sit on the porch with the dogs and contemplate good music and good mercy and sip tea and strum guitars... In fact, I think I should join them...

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jennie said...

Pink golf clubs? Maybe even I could get in to golf if I got to have pink golf clubs! Congrats. :)