Friday, January 13, 2006

~ moral dilemma ~

Those who know me know my devotion to Richard Linklater. Those who know me know I detest Keanu Reeves. So how do I reconcile my love and loathing when I comes to A Scanner Darkly?

... of course, I have been known to watch Sweet November, but that is only because Charlize Theron's apartment is so damn cool!

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Ramonsito said...

I am just now reading this. I've offline for quite awhile. Yeah, that's disturbing. I can't say I'm all to excited about the rest of the cast either, including Wynona Rider. When did Linklater start getting such huge, famous casts?

I also saw on IMDB that he was the director of that Bad News Bears with Billy Bob Thornton. Disappointing.

But, perhaps you are allowed to bypass Scanner Darkly and watch Fast Food Nation? It has a much more promising cast, including Ethan Hawke and the lead actress from Maria Full of Grace. Just glide over the part of the cast list that has Avril Lavigne.