Tuesday, October 04, 2005

wasted brain space...

Do you ever get random songs that creep into your brain and nest for a while, particularly songs from your past that you no longer own and that you haven't heard on the radio in awhile? The ones that just kind of show up unannounced at your doorstep, suitcases in hand? The kind that haunt you periodically and make you question your sanity, like the dancing baby on Alley McBeal?

Sometimes you're better off dead, there's a gun in your hand & it's pointing at your head
You think you're mad, too unstable, kicking in chairs and knocking down tables
In a restaurant in a West End town, call the police there's a madman around
running down underground to a dive bar in a West End town
In a West End town a dead end world
The East End boys and West End girls
Too many shadows, whispering voices, faces on posters, too many choices
If , when, why, what, how much have you got, have you got it, do you get it
If so, how often, which do you choose a hard or soft option
In a West End town a dead end world
The East End boys and West End girls
You got a heart of glass or a heart of stone, just you wait till I get you home
We've got no future, we've got no past, here today built to last
In every city in every nation from Lake Geneva to the Finland nation

I'm still getting back on Little Rock time, so I promise to write something scathingly brilliant once my traveling dust has settled.

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methy said...

At least you are back!! It feels like you have been gone FOREVER. We should do something!!