Tuesday, December 07, 2004

maybe I should try construction work...

I’m sitting at my desk, diligently and intently working on an issue that is the bane of my existence. Of course, I’m supposed to be working on about 100 other projects, but this one is one of those wedged Jenga pieces that causes my whole structure to crumble. It must be put back in its place.

Basically, the issue has to do with new employees. We complete all background checks on a potential employee and we are ready to make an official offer. We send her a letter and a ridiculously large employment packet (which we have to piece together, as there are too many varieties and changes to have them prepared in advance) via FedEx Priority Overnight mail to her address. Note the time & money put into this venture. So what do I inevitably receive a week later? “Said applicant hasn’t received her package yet. It should have been shipped to X address. Do you know the status of the package?”

Steam emits from my ears and crimson glows from my ivory skin. “Well, seeing as said applicant's resume, application, and all other tangible information lists an address for city Y, no – I had no idea the package should have been shipped to city Z.”

At this point, my arch nemesis Annoying Manager of Another Department, enters the scene. I, obviously engrossed in the email I am obviously and loudly typing while surrounded by mounds of strategically organized paperwork, am startled and interrupted by the question “Where is *Boss*?” I look over, apparently annoyed though not trying to expressly make it obvious, “She’s in her office on a conference call,” which should be obvious from the multitude of voices wafting out from her open doorway which he is standing right outside of. “She’s in her office?” He’s a very intuitive man. “Yes.” I try to address my issue at hand, as I now have someone from our IT department waiting for our 2:00 appointment and it is 2:05.

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Ramonsito said...

Ick...sounds like a pretty crappy day. I'd tell you to try construction, but my experience showed that it's pretty much the same anywhere. Whether you work in church, construction, shipping room, or human resources, there are always those moments when you are blamed for the uncontrollable, are subjected to the inane commentary of management, and are majorly behind the 8 ball on all your tasks. Hang in there, my friend.