Sunday, October 17, 2004

who can be against me

God look at me, I'm just a man
but you tell me I'm not just a man
You're so hard to understand
afterall I'm just a man
~the OC Supertones

We all have guilty pleasures. When it comes to music, I am considered by many to be a music snob (mostly just because I like bands that don't get airtime). I would like to dispel that idea once and for all. Yes, I like a lot of music. Yes, many people have not heard of some of the bands I like. But no, and I repeat no, I am by no means a music snob. A simple glance through my cd drawers or a conversation with my dear former roomie (what up G-Dawg!) will let you know that my diverse tastes include music that would make true music snobs cringe in agony (what's that? Everclear? which song? who knows, they all sound alike anyway!). I have been known to pull out the Happy Christmas cd's year round, and a little Belinda Carlisle is always good for the soul.

So it is with my keen love of most music that I accepted the offer from my pastor's ten year old daughter to accompany her, her sister, her friend, and her mom to a Superchick/Supertones concert (Grits also made a very energizing appearance). What fun! I love Superchick and the positive message they give to girls ~ they have a nice beat, and you can dance to it. In between their set and possibly my tenth time to see Supertones, I was having a conversation with my pastor's wife. She asked me what my favorite music was, and I automatically answered Nanci Griffith. I then tried to explain who Nanci was, and then just settled for "She's kind of folky. I have 15 of her albums". I then joined the girls on the floor and proceeded to "skank" to the best of my ability in a mostly non-dancing crowd (hey, Matt insisted that his fans not concern themselves with being cool). Thankfully, the girls joined along and we had a great time! Next Saturday night is the cd release party for Runaway Planet ~ and I plan on enjoying myself to an equal degree. Music snob? Nah, My love of music knows no genre...


Emily said...
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Anonymous said...

hehe kim you are no snob :)

Kimberly said...

I am so thankful that an anonymous person does not think I'm a snob... :)

Josh said...

oops that were me :)